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Calorie counter software in Dubai

How Calorie Count can solve your problem

  • Jul 4 2019 4:14PM

Calorie Count is a software designed by a team of experts at Global Wellness, who have a domain expertise of more than 15 years in the Healthcare industry and more than 100+ years of team's collective experience. We clearly understand the intricacies and requirements on how to calculate the right calorific and the calorie counter software is created in a user-friendly manner that it doesn't require any special skills or training to use.

Features Of Calorie Count Software:

  • Easy to use This calorie software is made in a way that anybody can use in without the need of undergoing any special training.
  • Privacy: We understand & respect a chef's needs to keep their recipes a secret. Using the software allows you to do so, as one need not share the details with a third party like a nutritionist.
  • Save time & cost: The calorie counter software allows you to calculate the calorie value of a dish in less than 5 minutes. Whereas, if you engage a nutritionist, it can be very expensive and time consuming as well. It may also affect the confidentiality of your recipes. Thus, Calorie count helps you save your time and cost.
  • Flexibility & control: Software allows you to add as many dishes as you want (subject to credits purchased or available). You can edit them, store them for later use etc. Thus, this gives complete flexibility & control in your hands.
  • Customer support: Ensuring highest satisfaction for our customers has always been our endeavor and a priority. We are based in Dubai and would be fully available to resolve any query that you may have, before or after buying the software.