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Dubai municipality calorie check

Dubai Municipality asks restaurants to display calories in their menu.

  • Jul 4 2019 4:16PM

This is a very bold and welcome step taken by Dubai Government. Dubai is a city of expats, which encourages different cultures, religions, ethnicity from across the world to reside and enjoy their life. At the same time, it's also the mecca for tourists who come from different parts of the world and enjoy this beautiful and splendid city by spending their vacation days here. Dubai is also the host city for Expo 2020 now.

One has to give credit to the vision and leadership of the rulers of UAE, who are creating one after the other landmarks in the world and at the same time, taking decisions which impacts millions & billions of lives. One such decision is display of calorific value in restaurant's menu. Obesity is a global public health concern leading to increased risk of diabetics, heart disease, stroke, cancer and other health problems among children and adults alike. The consumption of foods with poor nutritional value has been identified as a major contributor to the growing obesity epidemic in UAE over the last many years. The decision to display the calorific value in restaurant's menu is a bold step towards creating a healthy lifestyle.

The busy life schedules of this country tend to consume more restaurant food than home food. The outside food contains large amount of oil, sugar, salt and other ingredients which fall under the 'bad nutrition' category and the excessive consumption of such food leads to major health issues like obesity, diabetes, blood pressure etc. The Dubai municipality checks calories in restaurant dishes.

While most of the restaurants don't display the caloric value, few restaurants have come up with the idea of healthy food. They take pride in displaying the nutritional value of the dishes they serve. However, the numbers of such restaurants are very low in numbers, perhaps in single % of entire restaurant network.

As part of making a healthier society, Dubai Municipality have announced that all restaurants in Dubai must display the calorie value of each dish they serve. This is a massive decision and for sure, it would push the restaurants and chefs to make their dish healthy. Displaying the calorie value in the menu helps one to choose his food according the calorie. Stay healthy as Dubai Municipality checks calories in restaurant food.

Many restaurants may feel that such display of information would drive the customers away and would eventually force them out of the business. However, one should look at this positively and think of their own responsibility in making the society healthier. If their food is a reason in disturbing a person's lifestyle and pushing them towards diseases, they should introspect and change their approach for the larger good.