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What are the ways by which the restaurants can calculate calorie?

  • Jul 4 2019 4:17PM

Restaurant Calorie checking is not as simple as we think. Calorie calculation is a simple formula of 4-4-9. However, this task may become tremendous for restaurants having many dishes in their menu. Imagine a restaurant having more than 200 menu items and each dish consisting of at least 8-10 ingredients. One would need to do calculation of 2000++ ingredients. Doing such task manually would lead to many potential problems such as wrong calorie calculation, and it requires a lot of time to calculate the calorie one by one for each dish. Moreover, one must have necessary domain knowledge the carry out these tasks. Besides this, one may not be aware that the nutritional value of an ingredient varies from country to country. For instance, potato grown in different countries would have different values and the variation may be as high as 25-30%. Thus, if a restaurant uses ingredients from 10 countries, it should ideally have access to the database from all those countries in order to do accurate calorific calculations. Well, all this must be sounding bit complicated!

Engaging a nutritionist to perform the calorie counting can be very expensive as it ranges from AED 80 – AED 150 per dish, depending on the number of dishes. Also, a nutritionist would be able to calculate calories for about 12-15 dishes per day, so depending on the number of dishes. Thus, it becomes a tremendous task consuming more money and time.

Restaurants can also choose a lab which does food sample testing. According to our research, one such lab in Dubai would take approximately 4 working days to test one sample and would charge 280-290 AED per sample.

To solve this issue, Global Wellness, brings its Calorie Count software in action for restaurant calorie check in UAE. We have been in the health & wellness sector since 2004. We have designed and implemented our proprietary nutrition software which helps an individual create their own meal plan. We are now using the same expertise and domain knowledge to provide a tool to the restaurant owners, chefs etc. To do the Restaurant calorie check of their dishes, our platform contains 'Food Composition Database' from more than 25 countries, having more than 100,000+ ingredients to choose from. Our easy to use interface, doesn't require any special skills or training to get started. One can calculate the calorific value of a dish, having 10 ingredients in flat 5 minutes!