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From where is the ingredient & its nutrition data obtained?

Many countries have made the 'Food Composition Table' database available on their respective websites. Our team has done the relevant research & have tried to obtain the latest available data of the country. We currently have data of more than 25 countries, exceeding 100,000 ingredient count.

Will I still require the services of a nutritionist to derive calorific value of the dishes?

No. We have designed the software in an intelligent & intuitive manner, which is user friendly & doesn't require any special skills to use. Our software will do the same task, that a nutritionist will do (albeit manually). So, using our software doesn’t require additional services of a nutritionist.

Does the database also contain branded food & beverages?

Many countries have made the data pertaining to certain branded foods or beverages available as part of their Food Composition Table. In case you are unable to find the specific product, we recommend, you can take the calorie detail of that product from its packaging. Alternately, you can send the picture of the same (content readable in English language) & we will add it to our database.

Subscription Plans & Payments

Why have the subscription plans been created on number of dish basis?

After a lot of thought & interaction with restaurateurs, we arrived at the conclusion, that every restaurant would have different number of dishes in their menu. One may have just 45-50, while another one may have more than 200. So, it would be unfair to equate them & charge similar fees. Hence, we have 3 plans to choose from, depending on number of dishes one has.

What is 'recipe credits?'

Depending on the number of dishes the restaurant has on the menu, the suitable plan can be chosen. We would recommend keeping a buffer of 3-4 dishes, so that it ensures no disruption, if you chose to expand your menu. Once you choose the number, it would be referred as 'recipe credits.'

What is the validity of recipe credits?

The validity would be 1 year from date of purchase. Unused credits would automatically lapse after the expiration of 365 days.

How does the 'recipe credit' system work?

With credits in your account, you can proceed with doing the calorific value calculation of the dishes. As you hit the 'check calorie' button, 1 credit would be deducted from your available balance.

What are the available Payment methods?

You can use our online payment gateway to pay using credit or debit cards, net banking, cash.

Can I pay cash?

Certainly. Once you register yourself & choose the number of credits, the amount to be paid will be reflected. You can deposit the amount in our bank account & upload the copy of the receipt. We will validate the same & activate the account within 24 hours.

Dish Editing, Modification etc.?

Can I edit or modify the dish that I have created, after checking the calorific value?

Well, we have allowed the option to edit the dish, but it comes with certain restrictions. While, you can modify the quantity of the ingredients, any number of times, but you can add or delete the ingredients, only 2 times i.e. you can either add 2 new ingredients or delete 2 from the existing one.

Does the dish created by me, gets saved anywhere? Can I download the same?

The dish so created, gets saved in our cloud system, allowing you access at any given point of time. You can also download the calculation as a PDF & store in your local disk.

I am unable to find the ingredient, what should I do?

Though we have ensured that such a situation doesn't arise, however, in case you are unable to find the ingredient, you can raise a ticket & our team would try its best to resolve the issue within 24 hours. You can save the dish as ‘draft’ and proceed to work on another one in your list.